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Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011, 10:30


Motec-Tool V 2.1.8 von Yako -


It's an addon for GTL/GTR2/Race07/GTR-Evo (Steam only! Version: which lets you display some useful informations whilst driving.
In Particular:

MoTeC Data

* Tyretemperatures (In/Mid/Out)
* Tyrewear
* Tyrepressure
* Enginetemperatures (Water/Oil)
* Braketemperatures
* Engine Health

Session Info

* Track- and ambienttemperature
* Session length (remaining time in a practice session or laps in race)
* Fuelconsumption (for last lap / average)

Advanced Timingstable

* Driverslist and their postion
* During practice the fastest laps are displayed
* In Race the gaps are displayed according to leader or to yourself (can be customized). These times are updated 3 times during a lap!


2.1.8 (23.06.2011)

- Fixed bug: Tyrewear values were displayed incorrectly

2.1.7 (23.06.2011)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.6 (16.03.2011)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.5 (03.03.2011)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.4 (23.01.2010)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.3 (16.10.2009)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version

2.1.2 (11.08.2009)

- Fixed bug where RACE07 crashes on exit when STEAM community is enabled

2.1.1 (11.08.2009)

- Updatet RACE07 support for Steam Version
- rFactor (Version: support added (Experimental)

2.0.1 (09.05.2009)

- Fixed bug: Wrong tyre colors shown when using imperial setting
- Fixed transparency issues and engine health not showing up in RACE07

Installation Instructions

Download and extract the content to your GTR²/GTL/RACE07 installation folder.
Then you need the latest DirectX 9.0c Package.
Download from Microsoft:…&displaylang=en

This is required! Without the DirectX-Update the game won't start if the XD is installed.


You've found a bug? Feature request? Feel free to contact me:
Be sure to visit: regularly for updates...

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