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Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, 20:22


Mercury Cougar by Cooky and Team21 and friends - Render Scene
(3ds Max 9 + Splutterfish Brazil r/s renderer)


This is the Render Scene of theMercury Cougar-mod made by Cooky and Team21.
This scene was made with permission of Cooky.

This scene contains:

- all 3d models of the Mercury Cougar
- all wheel models
- all 3d models of optional parts
- layer structure to seperate and activate every part of the car
- textures needed for every car part
- HDRI maps for better reflections
- optimized material characteristics for an optimal render result

You need 3ds Max Versio 9 or higher to use this scene.
You need the Splutterfish Brazil r/s renderer to render the scene (uses Brazil materials).
The material editor does not contain all materials. You just need to use the material pipette and click on the objects to get the needed material.
To get your individual car, use the layer manager to activate/ hide parts of the car.

3d models and textures of this scene are property of Cooky and Team21.
The 3d scene is usable for free, but property of Big Ron.

Copying, dublicating, embedding to other databases than or need to be permitted by Big Ron or Cooky

If you find mistakes or you have ideas of improvements, send a pm at

Have fun and kind regards,

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