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Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010, 17:12


V1.03 by Vince Klortho


ReadMe File for the GTR2 Car Selector Program v1.03

By Vince Klortho


This a Car Manager for GTR2. It will allow you to enable and
disable cars and to save and load lists of enabled cars as a set.

This is the first release of this program so there can potentially
be bugs. Please back up all of your GTR2 data before using this.
Particularly, the CAR files. I know - I have learned the hard way.

It is important to note that this program does not install or
de-install cars or mods. It merely changes the names of the .CAR
files which has the effect of disabling the cars from the game.


The archive contains the executable and this readme file.
Place them in the folder of your choice and you are ready to go.
It will probably be most convenient to place a shortcut to the
utility on your desktop or in a folder. One easy way to do this
is to right click on the executable from within the Explorer and
select "Send To." Then select Desktop and you will have a shortcut.
You can then drag it to a folder if you want or leave it on your

Uninstall is very simple. There is an .ini file that is
saved in the same directory as the executable. You just
need to delete the executable, this readme file, and the
.ini file to uninstall. There are no registry entries so
you don't need to worry about that.


The main dialog of the Car Manager has two list boxes on it.
Cars that are enabled for the game are in the right hand
listbox and the disabled cars are in the left hand listbox.

The simplest things to do with the Car Manager are enabling
and disabling cars. This is done by clicking a car in the
left or right column and then clicking the appropriate
Enable or Disable button.

Above the list boxes there is a row of buttons. The first
button labeled "Save." This will save the list of all cars
currently enabled to a file. You will be prompted to select
a name and location for this file. I usually keep them in
my user directory within the game which for me would be
/GTR2/UserData/Vince Klortho

The next button is one labeled "Load." This allows you to
load a list of cars that you have previously saved to be
enabled for your next race.

The last two buttons are labelled "Enable All" and "Disable
All." As their labels imply, these will cause all cars to
be enabled or disabled. To load a carset that you have
previously saved it is recommended that you first disable
all cars and then click "Load" and select your carset file.
Different carsets can be combined into one race by clicking
Load and loading in a new carset file.

A new feature has been added whereby one can sort the lists
based on the contents of one of the three columns. Click
on the list's column header to select the sorting criteria.

The first thing you should do when you start the program for
the first time is to save the set of default cars to a file
and label the "Base Set" or sonething like that.

Questions and Feedback

I regularly visit the RaceSimCentral forums so questions can
be posted there along with any feedback, questions, or suggestions.
you may have. There is a thread in the GTR2/Car Skinning section
about this program that you should check periodically for updates.

Best of luck and rememeber to back up your files first.

Change Log

1.00 26 Sep. 2006 Initial Release
1.01 28 Sep. 2006 Fixed an error in car set file loading
1.02 29 Sep. 2006 Car Number column is now left-justified
1.03 5 Nov. 2007 Add column sorting option

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